I had been quite unwell for a long time with severe fatigue (CFS/ME), palpitations, muscle aches, headaches, horrendous acid reflux, anxiety and weight loss. I saw specialist after specialist, but every test came back as ‘normal’, and the medication prescribed made me feel even worse. I was even beginning to think it was all in my mind and that I just needed to 'pull myself together' and get on with life. I had suffered from severe fatigue for many years, but it was the acid reflux that was really getting me down.

I was fortunate enough that a friend recommended that I had an appointment with Dr Sam as she thought he could help with the reflux. That was the best decision I have ever made - not only is the reflux hardly there now because of Sam’s protocol, but he has finally worked out why I have been so debilitated with CFS/ME for many years and even the cause of my palpitations.

I am already feeling so much better, and I know that I am now on the right path to ‘getting back to normal’. It’s a relief to have found the root cause of my condition, rather than just taking medication that puts a ‘band aid’ on my symptoms. Sam’s in-depth knowledge and alternative way of looking at things is inspiring. Sam can completely empathise with what I’ve been going through, which is so reassuring. I have already shared Sam’s website with quite a few friends who have also come to a dead-end health wise and have been encouraging them to make an appointment. I would encourage anyone else to do the same - you might just get your life back too!

Anne from Surrey, UK.

I first came across Dr Sam White after listening to a podcast interview. As an ex-health professional myself, with an interest in root causes of illness, as opposed to treatment of symptoms, my interest was sparked by Dr Sam’s approach.

I had felt abandoned and very alone with my issues and dumped/fobbed off by the GP service and NHS.

The consultations with Dr Sam are how health care should be! Dr Sam’s approach is kind and patient, he is a great listener, he’s also incredibly easy to talk to. Time is taken to listen and explore root causes, none of the nonsense you sometimes get with GP practices where you can only discuss ONE issue/complaint per appointment - as though all the body systems aren’t related.

I have learnt so much from Dr Sam and feel much more in control of my own health. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Lynne from Gloucestershire, UK.

Several years ago I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome by my doctor. I received very little support and often felt disbelieved by the slew of doctors I saw as my symptoms gradually worsened.

This year I decided to take another route and found Dr Sam. I’m glad I did. Before even starting treatment the diet alone has made a huge difference to my day to day. Being completely honest, I struggled to get started. The first couple of weeks were rocky to say the least as I transitioned onto the PK diet but then I hit ketosis and the clouds cleared. I was waking up NATURALLY and REFRESHED at 7am!!! Any chronic fatigue sufferers reading this will know just how big a deal that is as it never happens! By around 3pm in the afternoon I would usually have to go to bed as my body would feel as if I had run a marathon. I’ve since completely dropped my afternoon nap. And now that I’ve started treatment for what turned out to be several chronic infections

I’m hugely optimistic that I can recover my health completely and am deeply grateful for Sam's guidance.

I believe him to be a doctor in the truest sense of the word, being genuinely dedicated to helping his patients and unafraid to defy convention in order to do so.

Anya from Merseyside, UK.

The service from Dr Sam White and team have been excellent. Consultations have been unhurried, allowing for my abundance of questions to be answered thoroughly. The tests were extensive, with results being explained by Dr Sam in their entirety. Each item of my prescription was carefully selected for my individual needs during the consultation. I can't believe I'm actually enjoying my new diet! I have been impressed with Dr Sam's knowledge and ability to teach me about my health, and this has been really empowering. I have been confident enough with his excellent service to make an appointment for my son.

Beatrix from Cornwall, UK.

I highly recommend working with Dr Sam White. He takes the time to listen, to gather relevant information, to understand, to consider, make a diagnosis and recommendations. All of this is based on his considerable knowledge of the holistic way the body works including how it responds to the surrounding environment. I really felt heard and taken seriously. I'm currently following a recommended protocol, and within the first week of doing so, felt so much better in myself, and was really pleased with the way my body was outwardly functioning. Thank you so much.

Jane from East Sussex, UK.

I have had three consultations with Dr Sam. He excellent listening skills; ability to build rapport, which engenders confidence and trust. He allows plenty time for questions to be asked I have not at any time been hurried when talking to Sam On the occasions I have emailed Sam I have received a response within twenty-four hours. Dr Sam explains it all really well in layman's terms Dr Sam's secretarial and admin support is efficient and friendly. I would recommend Dr Sam to people who are prepared to look at functional medicine and share responsibility in their own health and wellbeing.

David from Dyfed, UK.

As a great believer in diet and more natural remedies for strong health, I was immediately interested in Sam’s background and functional approach to medicine. After arranging an initial appointment with Sam, I have found our discussions highly informative for both my personal health and broadening of my general knowledge. I’d recommend Sam to anybody I know, without hesitation.

Richard from Devon, UK.

I am really happy of being a patient of Dr Sam. His services are very professional and human at the same time. A quite rare combination to find nowadays in the medical community. Already in my first appointment I recognized his real interest in finding the root cause of my health issues and his holistic approach in treating me. I admire all his efforts for bringing truth and clarity. Thank you!

Rina from Lidingö, Sweden.

I can’t recommend Dr Sam enough. I have battled with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) since the age of 16. I am now 27 and just wanted to get back to living my life. I had so much joint pain and stiffness. My RA was becoming more resistant to conventional treatment and I could not tolerate the side effects of the strong immunosuppressive biological therapy.

I had a lack of support and guidance from my local hospital and felt completely lost and helpless, I didn’t know who else to turn to for support.

I came across Dr Sam’s website which gave me some hope. Since meeting him I finally feel like I am being listened to. The appointments are never rushed and he always thoroughly explains things to me and helps me understand my body.

At first he took a very detailed history. Then he arranged some tests including sending my bloods to a specialised laboratory in Germany. This showed I was actually suffering from a multitude of chronic infections.

I was put on a range of treatments including herbal based antibiotics (which at first I was a little sceptical about) but within one month I began to feel better. 3 months on I am feeling so much better and pain free. I do not need the biological treatment anymore. I have full trust in Dr Sam, within 3 months of knowing him he’s already achieved results which I have not experienced since being diagnosed. Looking forward to continuing on this journey to further improve my health.

Sophie from East Sussex, UK.