31st August 2022 • Written by Frankie Cuell

Thyroid Health - Part Two

What the Doctor might not be telling you

I always encourage you to seek out true, reliable information. Nutrition and the human body is an ever evolving study. I will always endeavour to share the science with you when I consult so that it really underpins any changes I suggest - we all need a good reason why!


Again we all know stress is a contributing factor for almost all health problems, and this is largely down to the effect it has on our delicate hormonal balance. Many of us tend to think 'ladies only' when hormones are mentioned, but this is just as important for you gents reading also. When we are stressed, we produce more cortisol (the stress hormone). This protective ‘fight or flight’ mode will actually work to ‘protect’ us by making the stress hormones in preference to nearly all other hormones. When this acute stress response becomes chronic we run into problems. This leads me nicely onto testing and why this is the next most important stage.


Reverse T3 Thyroid Test

This is so hugely important and for me personally has been the single most frustrating piece to the puzzle. Conventional medicine will all too often only measure TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone). Patients are often falsely reassured that their thyroid function is ‘normal’ despite continuing to feel exhausted, gaining weight, thinning hair and often very low in mood. A TSH on its own is meaningless without knowing the levels of the thyroid hormones, autoantibodies or even a test known as Reverse T3, which is absolutely vital for anyone not feeling better on standard thyroid medication.

It was ‘testing’ that first connected me with Dr Sam. He had already been ‘cheekily’ ordering food from my website, The Kitchen Detox, so I decided to reach out to him and he promptly arranged the ‘full works’ of thyroid function tests.

Here’s an example of one such set of tests which is readily accessible to functional doctors: https://www.gdx.net/product/comprehensive-thyroid-hormone-test-blood. If you click on the ‘Analytes’ tab you will quickly notice the difference.

Since it is T3 that is the active thyroid hormone, if you are having problems with conversion from T4 to T3, or if you have had a thyroidectomy (full or partial) and perhaps if you still feel unwell following treatment with levothyroxine (which is the inactive thyroid hormone, T4) then there is a strong possibility that you likewise will need to be looking at other diagnostic and management options.

I would highly recommend this type of testing to anyone with a longstanding thyroid disorder or if you are symptomatic and suspect your thyroid may be suffering.

Dr Sam will offer this type of test and many others for all of his patients. Over the years I have been to many doctors and specialists none of which could offer anything close, and yet it is absolutely vital. As Dr Sam always says “....at the end of the day, it’s all about asking the right questions.”

Environmental Toxins

Everything we put into and onto our bodies has the ability to heal or damage our health. Our skin being the largest organ of the body is often forgotten for its ability to absorb almost 100 percent of anything put onto it! Plastics, Heavy metals, Sulphates, Sulphites and other chemicals are known as endocrine disruptors (they can cause hormonal imbalances) so yes, you guessed it, another danger zone for the thyroid.

When I work 1:1 with patients, not only do I completely overhaul their diet, but I also look at their potential toxic load. In so doing we must consider:

  • Cosmetics containing harsh chemicals. Look instead for mineral or bamboo-based products instead.
  • Household cleaning products. Consider making your own with essential oils, lemon juice or other natural ingredients.
  • Plastics, especially anything heated. Watch for those water bottles heating up in the car or your plastic coffee cup lid before you drink out of it. No one wants chemical infused water.
  • Receipt paper. Just don’t take the receipt, trust me!
  • Heavy metals used in cans or foils. Opt for greaseproof paper instead.

Trust Your Body

I want to reiterate this one. It can be a long road when constantly left to question your innate ability to listen to your body. Take control.

Much love,

Nutritional Consultant to Dr Sam White
Diploma in Understanding Human Nutrition
Founder/CEO of The Kitchen Detox

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