My passion is helping people suffering with chronic illness who are looking for a holistic way to treat the underlying cause and become truly well in mind and body.

With almost 20 years of experience, having worked formerly as a Primary Care Physician, I offer clinical excellence to solve chronic health issues and help you feel better.

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My purpose is to provide services to those seeking alternatives, who still want to rely on an experienced Doctor for their health, for both prevention of future illness and cure of current conditions using scientifically based holistic Functional Medicine.

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Dr Sam Graduated from Cardiff University with a degree in medicine in 2004. He is a UK based GP focused on Functional Medicine. He is a member of The International Lyme & Associated Disease Society and The institute of Functional Medicine.

Initially on a path toward becoming a surgeon, Dr Sam undertook rotations in Emergency Medicine, Trauma & Orthopaedics, ENT, Breast & Vascular surgery. As part of his training to become a GP, he subsequently went on to complete rotations in Paediatric & Neonatal medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Psychiatry before further 18 months as a GP registrar.

After completing GP training in 2010, Dr Sam worked as a partner in primary care. He would regularly teach undergraduate medical students from Southampton University. At the weekends he helped run a Palliative Care Hospice in Hampshire, looking after terminally ill patients and he has since worked for a number of years in the local Emergency Department. Dr Sam is a clinical supervisor for newly qualified doctors.

However, after a few years working as a GP he became weary of the ‘tick box’ approach to modern medicine and began to research other ways to solve his patients problems.

This led him to discover the insight of Functional medicine and as he began to benefit from the results personally he sought to bring this holistic approach to his patients.

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